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High capacity Batch fryer diesel oil or gas heating for potato chips| green peas, nuts| snacks

Jinan eagle fryer, de-oiling machine, and conveyors are essential components of a streamlined food processing line. The fryer ensures efficient frying of various food products, while the de-oiling machine removes excess oil for a crispier texture. The conveyors facilitate smooth and continuous movement of products throughout the processing line, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Together, these machines are designed to meet the demands of modern food processing operations, delivering consistent quality and performance.

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batch frying line layout

Specific of the frying system- oil content 500kg,

Capacity: Bugles type 700kg/h, Wave chips : 800kg/h, For fava beans, nuts and green peas: 300kg/h, as frying time long, For fresh potato chips: 100kg per hour(fried type)

Machines nameSpecification
Hoppercan equip the hopper for fryer, the hopper can equip the weighing sensor and conveyors to realize automatic feeding
FryerFryer pot size Diameter1500*400Depth
Power vacuum filter: 3kw, with 120meshes stainless steel wire mesh
Mixing power 0.75kw
Lifting power/Hydraulic type: 2.2kw
De-oiling machineDe-oiling tank size Diameter 1.1meters, height 610mm
Power 2.2kw
Belt conveyorPlate belt type
Power 1.1kw
Seasoning machinecan be tumbler type or eight-square seasoning machine
potato chips fryers
  1. High Capacity Batch Fryer with Diesel or Gas Heating
corn chips fryers

Jinan Eagle high-capacity batch fryer offers the flexibility of diesel oil or gas heating options, providing efficient and reliable frying for a variety of food products. such as snack pellet, corn chips , rice chips, wheat chips, peanuts, fava beans, green peas

Designed for less oil consumption without compromising on output, this fryer maximizes productivity while maintaining high-quality frying results.

With its robust construction and advanced heating technology, it ensures consistent frying performance. Upgrade to our batch fryer for efficient, high-capacity frying with reduced oil usage.

2. Centrifugal deoiling machine

deoiling or dewatering machine
for snack pellet and peanuts nuts beans deoiling after fried

It is a high-efficiency, low-energy-consumption equipment designed for the rapid removal of excess oil from fried food products. With its advanced centrifugal force technology, this machine effectively spins off excess oil, ensuring a crispier texture and improved taste.

Stainless steel construction ensures durability and ease of cleaning, making it ideal for commercial food processing operations. Increase your production quality with our centrifugal deoiling machine.

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