Batch fryer for snacks pellets|beans|peanuts

Date: 2024-04-05 Categories: Fryers Views: 63

Detailed introduction:


  1. Batch Fryer can make the raw material timing fry, raise the pan and spray the oil then pour into the oil-throwing roller. This process can be finished without stopping from oil throwing to convey.

2. The PC machine can control it automatically. The controlling parameter is more precise. It is very convenient to adjust.

3. It is suitable for producing all kinds of inflating food, fried wheaten food, fried peanut and nuts. The effect is stable and even

4. The oil content of the food can be controlled effectively

5. It also can use gas , diesel oil ,LPG as energy powder

Model and Parameter

      ModelParameterDP—BEFFryer (electricity)
Energy consumption46.2KW
Frying temperature190-220 degree
Frying time3-25 S(adjust)
De-oil time3-25 S(adjust)