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High capacity Batch fryer diesel oil or gas heating for potato chips| green peas, nuts| snacks


Specific of the frying system- oil content 500kg, Capacity: Bugles type 700kg/h, Wave chips : 800kg/h, For fava ...

nik naks production line machines

Kurkure|cheetos|nik naks baking production line


The Nik Naks/Kurkure baking production line starts with the extrusion process, where a mixture of corn grits, water, oil, and seasoning is forced through a die to create the distinct shape of the snack. The extruder plays a crucial role in shaping and cooking the mixture, ensuring uniformity in size and texture.

After extrusion, the snacks are passed through a baking oven, where they are cooked to the desired crispness. The baking process not only adds crunchiness to the snacks but also helps in enhancing the flavor and aroma.

Once baked, the Nik Naks are transferred to the flavoring station. Here, they are coated with various seasonings and flavors to give them their unique taste profile. The flavoring process can be customized to cater to different consumer preferences, ensuring a diverse range of snack options for the market.

Overall, the Nik Naks baking production line is a sophisticated system that combines advanced technology with skilled craftsmanship to deliver high-quality snacks efficiently. With the expertise of companies like Jinan Eagle Food Machinery Co., LTD, snack manufacturers can meet the demands of the market and consistently produce a beloved snack like Nik Naks. Welcome contact us for more information on our extrusion food machinery and production line solutions.

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