Breakfast cereals machine

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Breakfast cereals machine

General Introduction of breakfast cereal and corn flakes

This production line is developed and manufactured on the basis of the international advanced extruder technology,

which is named corn flakes (breakfast cereals) line.

Its technology performance and quality can be reached international advanced level,

The line is characterized by proper design, stableper formance, and high automation.

1.Extrusion raw materials

Maize, wheat, rice, salt, sugar, malt, milk powder, glucose, honey and many more

2. breakfast cereals production line


Breakfast cereals such as the ring shape, honey ball shape, rose shape, star shape,

are expanded during extrusion die-cutting. Corn flakes is expanded/bubbling during high temperature toaster,

A. Corn flakes flow chart

Flour Mixing→ Conveying→ Extruding →Cooling→Flaking →Pre-drying→Bubbling (toaster) → Sugar Coating → Drying → Cooling→Packing

B. Direct expanded breakfast cereals flow chart

Flour Mixing→ Conveying→ Extruding → Pre-drying→ Sugar Coating → Drying → Cooling→Packing

3. Parameter

ModelInstalled Power
Actual power
(L*W*H) m
DP65-II breakfast cereals production line85.97kw56kw100~15024*2*2.6mBreakfast Cereal Snacks

Corn flakes

DP70-II breakfast  cereals production line92kw72kw200~25025*2*2.6mBreakfast Cereal
Corn Flakes
DP75  breakfast  cereals production line109kw82kw300-400kg/h26*2*2.6mBreakfast Cereal Snacks

Corn flakes

DP85 breakfast  cereals production line130kw90kw400-50027*2  *2.7mBreakfast Cereal SnacksCorn flakes
DP95  breakfast cereals production line150kw125kw600-700  kg/h29*2  *3.3mBreakfast Cereal SnacksCorn flakes
DP100  breakfast cereals production line170kw138kw800-1000kg/h30*2  *3.5mCorn flakes Breakfast Cereal Snacks
DP125  breakfast cereals production line200kw150kw2000kg/h31*2  *4.0mBreakfast Cereal SnacksCorn flakes

4. Breakfast cereal samples




5.  Videos installed in different countries 
Breakfast cereals-corn flakes shape in the video
Breakfast cereals-ball shape , with sugar coating
Breakfast cereals ring shape after oven to cooling machine

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