Flavor coating tumbler machine

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Flavor coating tumbler machine

Flavor coating machine system






* Powder Based Coating
Powder Seasoning coating is the most common method used to flavor snacks. It is a two-step application that uses oil and powder seasoning to effectively coat and flavor snacks

* Oil Slurry Coating
Oil Slurry method of coating is commonly used for porous snacks like puffed snack, but many have been starting to apply this method in all types of snacks, because this method maximizes the flavor of the powder seasoning. This method heats and mixes both powder and oil to make a slurry that is used to flavor the snacks. or 70% peanuts butter with 30% oil as slurry coated .

* Savory Flavor Coating
Savory liquid seasoning utilizes a blend of savory seasonings like soy sauce, fish sauce and etc. mixed with sugar and water to coat snack products for that savory sweet flavor we all enjoy. The application is most commonly used in snack products from Japan and Thailand.

* Glossy Sugar Coating
Glossy Sugar Coating utilizes a blend of sweet, dairy and fruity ingredients, mixed with sugar syrup solution to give it a glossy surface. During the application, a layer of oil is needed, to help the syrup mixture stick to the snack.

* Frosted Sugar Coating
Frosted Sugar Coating is most commonly seen in rice crackers from Japan and China. A high speed mixer is used to homogenize the mixture, then sprayed on one or both side of the rice cracker and then cooled.

* Caramel Type Coating
Caramel Coating for popcorn is well known all around the world, but its application are limitless, specually when it comes to roasted snacks, where its sweet toffy-textured brown syrup perfectly complements the roasted flavor. Sugar, water and a mixture of different ingredients are mixed and heated until a syrup forms. Then the syrup is fed to the applicator to coat the snacks.


1.PVC food belt conveyor machine


Size 1860*500*1600mm

Belt width 300mm

Belt Power 0.37kw

1.2 Function

Transfer the  food from the oven to the flavoring machine.


1.3 Principle of working

The motor drive the shaft with gears to dive the belt, realize the transferring.


2.Dry powder duster (dry flavor feeder)

2.1 Specification

Flavor hopper power 0.75kw

Capacity of the hopper 20kg


The flavor hopper stores and dust the powder flavorings on the food.


2.3 Material

Stainless steel screw.


Stainless steel hopper


2.4 Principle of working

The dry powder to dust is regulated by the screw rod running  speed, which is controlled by the inverter.

Suitable to dry the small size granular and powder type seasoning.


3 Two rotary tumblers

3.1 Specification

Tumbler  Dia650mm or 800mm to choose

The first tumbler length 1500mm, for the oil coating

The second tumbler length 1900mm, for the dry flavors seasoning.

Power 0.75kw



The food and flavors and oil with be mixing during rotary in the tumbler.  To coat the flavors and oil uniformly, and from another end out.


3.3 Material

Tumbler stainless steel, legs stainless steel.


3.4 Principle of working

The two tumblers drive by the motor to realize the rotating.

The food with oil and flavors from one upper tumbler to the lower tumbler, realize the seasoning.


4.Oil sprayer

4.1  Specification

Heating power 2kw

Oil pump 0.37kw

Capacity 50liters

Size 930*630*645mm

4.2  Function

Melting the palm oil.

Spray the palm oil to the snacks.

4.3  Material

Stainless steel.

4.4 Principle of working

Driving force from the pump.

Through changing valve, change the spray amount.

With oil filter in the tank, confirming the clean and pure oil to the spray.

The temperature can be regulated by the controller meter.

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