Chocolate coating machine for Mylikes cereals balls, peanuts, cashews, candy

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Chocolate coating machine for Mylikes cereals balls, peanuts, cashews, candy


Mylikes chocolate coating machine

Chocolate Coating machine and Chocolate Polishing machine are mainly used in stuffed products withpeanuts,almonds,raisin,puffed rice balls,Jelly candies, hard candies ,QQ candies etc.


Main consist of 4 machines as following :

(1).chocolate coating machine

(2).chocolate material feeding system

(3).8P industrial refrigeration units(water cooling and forced air cooling)

(4) Polishing machine



1.Main instruction of chocolate coating machine

Chocolate Coating Machine

1  Adopts PLC control,can storage for all kinds of product’s formula.Program control production process.

2  According to different product’s features,can be set spray capacity and spray timeby program.

3  Edible grade PU belt .Paste will rotary in high speed with function of belt.

4  Electrical weigh automatic weigh

5  Full automatic program control

6  Automatic feeding system main consist of chocolate storage tank(chocolate insulation cylinder),chocolate slurry pump,stainless steel interlayer insulating pipe.

Chocolate Storage Tank


2.Chocolate Feeding System(chocolate pump and 500L chocolate storage tank )

Main consist of 2 machines as following:

(1)S304 stainless steel chocolate storage tank (500L/1000L)

(2)Stainless steel interlayer insulating pump and pipe

Main control mode

The feeding system main storage and feed chocolate material to chocolate coating machine.

Chocolate Cooling Machine

Refrigeration System :8P refrigeration units Cocoa butter chocolate or mixed cocoa butter chocolate ‘s coating temperature: 14-16℃;air blast ‘s temperature:10-12℃;relative humidity:<50%.Program control main machine and refrigeration units to realize production process cooling start .stop and temperature.

2.Dry Storage(by buyer)

Buyer provide one room ,which be larger than 15 square low temperature and humidity .Chocolate will place in  room about 8-10hours to dehumidify and solidify.So chocolate will increase the glossiness and keep longer.

Suggest buyer make some multi-layer frame for chocolate title.

Production Site Environment Condition

1.Single room for chocolate coating machine and chocolate coating machine .Must install air-condition and Dehumidity dryer to make room’s temperature ≤20℃ and humidity ≤50%.

2.Both machine can be installed on one room,room area is about 15square.

3.Chocolate after enrob,need air dry to determine on temperature10℃-15℃ and humidity ≤50%.

4.4Mpa compressed air supply,must have air supply connect scochet.

When sign contract ,buyer must explain power supply and frequency first.

Production Condition and Requirements

5.Cooling units’s temperature range 5-10℃,room temperature range  14-20℃,humidity≤50%.

6.Cold storage temperature range  10-15℃,cold storage time range 8-10 hours ,to guarantee chocolate surface’s smooth and harden.

7.Debugger will debug machine and both parts will accept machine according above requirements.If buyer’s chocolate and production condition is not fit ,then make chocolate’s instability and disqualification ,seller won’t take any responsibility.

8.Debugger only debug and train about 2-3 pics chocolate,each additional chocolate ,debugging fee :¥2000.

9. One year warranty period in standard operation,service machine cost because of incorrect operation.

Debugging Working

1.Standard debugging time 5-10 days when debugger debug final chocolate on buyer’s factory.

2.One skillful engineer help debugger to debug and study machine.

3.Delivery terms

(1) Seller should afford debugger ‘s round trip air ticket,buyer should afford all fees ,which including transportation,meals,accommodations.

(2) Buyer buy all  pipeline and cable,install according to debugger’s requirements.

(3) Debugger have right to add more buyer’s engineer to help.

(4) Seller scope of delivery ex:


1 Civil engineering

2 Main power supply device

3 Air compressed and pipe

4 Refrigeration sour

5 Lighting-proof protection device

6 Consumables

(5) Chocolate formula cost range¥ 10000-20000 according to different type.

(6) Seller just is machine manufacturer ,main be charge for chocolate enrobing .Formula and material can be choose by buyer.

Features &Advantages

1.Automatic production, save manpower / high production efficiency / large output.

2.Full automatic chocolate feeding,coating and shaping.

3.Auto weighting and auto switching for hot air and cold air.

4.Programmed production process makes product

5.Chocolate atomized spray and pouring meets special requirements of different product.

Belt chocolate

Coating Machine

Output200-400kg/h  330L/batch
Total Power15KW
Net Weight800kg
Belt Speed5-20m/min
Belt Width1650mm or customized
Compressed Air0.4MPa
Power Supply380V 50HZ or customized
Belt chocolate

Polishing Machine

Output200-400kg/h  330L/batch
Total Power12KW
Net Weight800kg
Belt Speed5-20m/min
Belt Width1650mm
Compressed Air0.4MPa
Power Supply380V 50HZ or customized

Other Features

A. Adopts PLC system,can save all kinds of product’s formula and auto control the whole production process.

B. Spray capacity and spray time can be set accordingly for different products.

C. Edible grade PV belt. The filling material will rotate in high speed on the belt.

D. Electrical weighwill automatically weigh the materials according to product formula.

E. Full automatic programmable control.

F.  Automatic Feeding System main consists of Chocolate Storage Tank,Chocolate Slurry Pump and Stainless Steel Interlayer Insulating Pipe.

G. Machine adopts DELTA Control system and Siemens electronic components.

H. 10 inch Touch Screen

 I.  Language Available: English & Russian