High capacity large wet steam extruders for fish feed|pet dog food

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Molds for different size and shapes


1. The machine is equipped with PLC automatic control optional


2. Under the advanced touch operation, the order can be fulfilled with your touch.


3. With the feeder of frequency and speed control, the uniform feeding can be achieved.


4. The gearbox of the main engine is equipped with gear oil pump cooling system, lubricating system, twin screw extruding and pumping mechanism and dual-shaft extension differential modulator,


5. which can cure the materials completely and make the gelatinization degree more than 98%.


6. With a great variety of raw materials, grease contained can be over 12% in the food formulation.


7. The screws possess the function of self-cleaning. When restarting the machine or changing materials, you do not need to clean bores and screws.


8. The main engine can be adapted to different raw materials by frequency control and the discharging chopper is controlled by frequency conversion so as to adjust the length of materials.


9. Made of special materials by special process, the screws and shells are tolerant to wear and pressure.


10. The feedstuff is sterilized by high temperature and pressure in the course of processing so that we can guarantee the foodstuff is clean and safe.


11. The bore diameter (d) of the cylindrical discharging die is 0.8mm to 10mm.


12. We can also customize die bores of other special shapes according to requirements of customers.


13. The machine can be applied to process puffed feedstuff (floating or sinking), the stability of which can last for more than 24 hours in water.In addition, this machine can be applied to process the bait for aquarium fish, pets` food, porket feed, puffed feed for young animals, livestock and poultry as well as other puffed food of high quality.

Main Technical Parameter


3-5 Tons/h


1.0~2 Tons/h0.5-1.5tons/h0.5-1.0ton/h0.3-0.8ton/h
Main Motor Power160kw110kw55-75kw55-75kw55-75kw
Conditioner Power157.5kw5.5kw5.5kw5.5kw
Cutting power5.54kw2.22.2kw2.2kw
Feeder Power2.21.5kw1.5kw1.1kw1.1kw
Pellet feed size0.8~22mm0.8~22mm0.8~22mm0.8~22mm0.8~22mm
Form rate≥98%≥98%≥98%≥98%≥98%
Water content of the product≤10%≤10%≤10%≤10%≤10%

DP95 animal feed pet dog food and floating fish feed pellet etwin screw extrudder machine