Microwave tunnel type dryer machine 90kw installed

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Microwave tunnel type dryer machine 90kw installed


. DP-90KW Microwave tunnel type dryer machine main parameters.

I. Basic parameters of the equipment.

Power supplyThree phase five wire 380V±5% 50Hz±1%

(three-phase five-wire system)

Rated input power90KVA
Microwave output power84 KW(power segment adjustable)
Microwave frequency2450HZM
Equipment dimensionsLength x Width x Height15000*1450*1650 (mm)
Microwave zone of actionLength x Width x Height11300*920*518 (mm)
Conveyor widthPolytetrafluoro flat tape750mm
Conveyor height from the ground750±50 mm
Transmission speed0.5-20 M/minVariable frequency speed control
Transmission power1.5KWVariable frequency speed control
Ambient temperature-10-40°CRelative humidity ≤ 50%
Workshop environmentNo corrosive gases, conductive dusts or explosive

gases in the vicinity

Number of microwave heating boxes2260*5 sections
Microwave feed-in methodTop feed-in
Microwave suppressor opening height60mmWidth is: 920mm
Microwave power supply cooling methodAir-cooledQuantity: 84
Magnetron cooling methodAir-cooledQuantity: 84
Temperature measurement range, accuracy≤0-200°C
Estimated drying throughput.250KG/hour (fresh product) for barley worm, insect etc
Control methodPush-button manual control
Equipment microwave leakage standardsComply with national GB10436-89 standard (our standard ≦ 1MW/CM2)

Complies with GB-5226 electrical safety standard

Complies with national GB16798-1997 food machinery hygiene and safety indicators

Electrical safety standards for equipmentGB 5226.1-2008 Electrical safety of machinery Electrical equipment for machinery

Part 1: General technical conditions

II. Equipment structure.

System components: transmission head and tail, equipment main bridge, electrical main frame, microwave heating box, microwave suppression system, material conveying system, control, internal circulation cooling and detection system.

1. Drive head and tail:

The head and tail are each 750mmlong, the inner bracket is made of stainless steel forming and welding, the outer cladding plate is made of stainless steel bending and welding.

2. Equipment body bridges:

The main bridge is made of 1.5 mm stainless steel with a height of 500 mm from the ground and is equipped with screwed feet at the bottom, the whole bridge is screwed to the head and tail of the machine.

3. Electrical body frame:

The electrical body frame has the main frame, located in the upper part of the microwave heating box, at a height of approximately 12 00 mm above the floor.

4. Microwave heating box

(1) 5 microwave heating boxes in total, made of 1.5mm thick stainless steel plate.

(2) For easy cleaning and operation, the box is equipped with an opening observation door for cleaning and sanitation, a sophisticated choke device to prevent microwave leakage and an automatic power-off protection function for opening the door.

(3) The top of the heater is punched with a moisture vent on the right side, leaving a moisture vent hood.

(4) The heater is a box structure, the continuous tunnel microwave heating system is manufactured using £1.5mm thick 'stainless steel frosted plate, double frosted plate on one side, the microwave rack system is designed and manufactured using £1.5mm thick stainless steel craft skeleton-free frame. The whole machine is designed and manufactured to perfection and rigidity, in full compliance with the requirements of GMP production equipment. The equipment has a visible large opening to prevent microwave leakage choke door, with automatic power-off protection device to open the door, the chain plate inside the box to send bracket using stainless steel bracket skeleton design and manufacture, tighten the bottom of the box to avoid the phenomenon of fire, PTFE beDPoperation reliable.

5. Microwave suppressor

The inlet and outlet ends are each equipped with a 1100mmlong suppressor with a 60mm high and 920mm wide opening, with a precision choke device to prevent microwave leakage.

(1) Drive motor motor output power: 1.5kw, frequency control by frequency converter, adjustable transmission speed.

(2) Polytetrafluoro food grade polytetrafluoro flat beDPis used and the width of the transfer beDPis approximately: 750mm.

6. Electrical control and detection.

Manual adjustment buttons can be used to switch the microwave output power control, each group of microwave set pulse state control adjustment, pulse modulation according to the actual material production process parameters set.The large high-definition touch-screen panel allows the operation of the machine's power and material transfer speed as well as the monitoring of the machine's operation at any time, making the machine simple and convenient to operate and stable in performance.

l Microwave source safety door: muDPiple safety interlocking microswitch devices to quickly and automatically cut off microwave power in the event of negligent operation.

l An optimised high voDPage rectifier circuit provides a stable operating voDPage for the magnetron.

l Microwave power adjustment: 0 to 84KW steplessly adjustable.

l The power supply has a filament regulation protection system, a magnetic field control system and an anode current overcurrent protection system.Monitoring and display system.The colour LCD TV monitoring and surveillance set-up allows direct observation of material operation and any abnormalities in the microwave heater such as fires, material shortages, conveyor beDPjams and broken beDPs.

l Electrical installation: The technical specifications of the goods supplied shall be in accordance with the prescribed standards. If there is no corresponding provision in the technical specifications, the goods shall conform to the corresponding national standards or the latest corresponding official standards issued by the relevant authorities.

7. To ensure the stability of the equipment in microwave emission and continuous operation up to the quality and yield of the product, the following measures will be used.

The manufacturing and processing of this equipment does not allow gaps of more than 1mm between the box and the box, or between the partition and the suppressor.

According to our practical and successful experience, we use special isolators for effective interval isolation to ensure the safe production of equipment.

*Drainage and temperature separation system: A separate drainage system will be created to force the water vapour generated by the heating to drain quickly.

The microwave generator is set at the top of the heating box, making the overall shape of the equipment compact, beautiful and smooth, with a small footprint. For the physical characteristics of the material, the reasonable design of the box size, so that the microwave power density in the heater is uniform, microwave from the top to bottom broadband feed, so that the material is more uniform heating.

III. Equipment features.

The microwave machine is of international leading standard in terms of design and main technical parameters and related automation control.

From the outside, the machine has a smooth and beautiful structure, without exposed rivets, screws and other fasteners. The contact position between panel and panel has a certain "R" chamfer, the whole machine has no blind corner, easy to clean, no chemical reaction or chemical adsorption with the material contact surface, safe and reliable operation, in line with the national food machinery heaDPh and safety indicators, in line with GMP standards.

Microwave heater standing wave field: its precise design is the most important link of microwave efficiency, the standing wave ratio in the box to ≤ 3, effectively improving the efficiency of microwave heating. As a resuDPof the microwave from the heater muDPi-feed port broadband feed, so that the heated material can directly accept microwave energy, heating efficiency to about 15% higher, the material heating uniformity is higher than 20%.

The heating chamber is equipped with an infrared radiation thermometer to ensure that the required temperature is set at the upper and lower limits, and an automatic power-adjustable temperature control device to prevent under- or over-heating of the material and to ensure the final quality of the product.

Separate console with dedicated inlet and outlet hopper.

Ⅳ、 Parts and accessories.

1 Instruction manual, product description, installation instructions, precautions.

Documents: certificate of conformity, partslist.

Microwave equipment

Selected (primary) material descriptions

ProjectsMaterial descriptionPlace of originRemarks
(1) Microwave heating cabinet304£1.5mm brushed stainless steel plateSouth KoreaSelf-manufacturing
(2) Microwave suppressor systemHigh purity aluminiumDomesticSelf-manufacturing
(3) Transmission systemsAngle, 304 stainless steelDomesticSelf-manufacturing
(4) Moisture removal and heat dissipation system304£1.0mm stainless steelDomesticSelf-manufacturing
(5) Bracket system304£1.5mm stainless steelDomesticSelf-manufacturing
(6) Console304£1.5mm stainless steelDomesticSelf-manufacturing
(7) (Microwave) excitation cavityHigh purity aluminium sheetsDomesticSelf-manufacturing
(8) Magnetron (special)Panasonic magnetronsShanghai Joint VentureSpecialist internal control
(9) Microwave switching power suppliesIntegrated circuit boardsMagmeterSpecialist internal control
(10) Circuit breakersD-32ADomestic BrandDELHI
(11) AC contactorsCJX2-1810Domestic BrandDELHI
(12) Cooling fansP/N2123XSATaiwanOutsourcing (Taiwan)
(13) 2200w motorDomesticOutsourcing (Shanghai)
(16) MatcherReducersDomesticOutsourcing (Hangzhou)
(17) Infrared temperature control systemDomesticDomesticExternal purchase
(18) Transmission beDPsNon-toxic food grade, GMP compliantDomesticOutsourcing (Jiangsu)
(19) All kinds of special cables and wiresHigh temperature / high pressureDomestic BrandSpecialist internal control
(20) Microwave oven door (viewing window)£1.5mm brushed stainless steel plateSelf-manufacturing
(21) Cooling towersStainless steelDomesticSpecialist internal control