FRK (Fortified rice kernels)/Artificial Rice/instant rice extrusion line Machinery

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FRK (Fortified Rice Kernels) machinery, artificial rice, and instant rice extrusion lines represent cutting-edge technology designed to enhance the nutritional value and production efficiency of rice products. These production lines employ modern extrusion techniques to incorporate various vitamins and minerals into rice, creating nutrient-enriched fortified rice. This fortified rice not only addresses malnutrition but is also ideal for the quick-service and convenience food markets.

FRK machinery typically includes steps such as mixing, extruding, drying, cooling, and packaging. Precise control over the processing ensures that each kernel of fortified rice maintains consistent quality and nutritional content. Additionally, these production lines are highly automated, which significantly increases production efficiency and reduces labor costs.

The use of artificial and instant rice extrusion lines is widespread, suitable not only for food companies looking to scale up production but also for those seeking to innovate and meet market demands for healthy, convenient food options. By leveraging these advanced production lines, businesses can produce a variety of products tailored to consumer needs for healthful and ready-to-eat foods. Overall, this machinery has brought revolutionary progress to the food processing industry, promoting the realization of food safety and nutritional improvement.

FRK (Fortified rice kernels)/Artificial Rice/instant rice extrusion line Machinery

 Artificial rice extruder machine

Nutritional Rice Machinery

FRK (Fortified rice kernels)/Artificial Rice/instant rice extrusion line It can produce the FRK(Fortified rice kernels), artificial rice, nutritional rice, instant rice, mini rice pellet etc.


1. Nutritional Rice machines can make an enriched artificial rice product comprising by extruder.

Vegetable materials can be used for enriching the artificial rice product, and can be isolated from carrots, spinach, tomatoes, onions, and beets etc.

2.The artificial rice allows the introduction of additional nutrients and flavorings into the granule that are not present naturally. It has the abundant nutrition and the similar shape to the rice.

The enriching materials can be freshly minced material or pastes, juices and fried flakes or chips. Additionally, powdered or freeze-dried enriching material can be used. The mixture will contain from 2% to 45% of at least one of enriching materials.

3. Complete line includes mixer, screw conveyor, extruder, vibration machine, air conveyor, dryer machine, cooling conveyor 

4. Parameter

Installed capacity67kw72kw
Real power43kw46kw

 New model type artificial rice production line 

75 twin screw extruder.jpg

Installed capacity115kw250kw
Real power43kw46kw


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5. Samples

artificial rice making machine


6.On the basis rice line, after extruder, add the toaster or microwave oven, can get instant rice, the eating way is same as instant rice .

7. Videos

DP78 Model extruder tested in factory before test
70 model extruder test in factory. We are machines factory, the samples after tested will be thrown away.