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Jinan Eagle Vacuum fat and flavoring seasoning coating machine for pet dog food and cat food, fish feed

Jinan Eagle Vacuum fat and flavor seasoning coating machine for pet dog food and cat food, fish feed

The liquid adding scale is mainly composed of scale bucket, buffer bucket, liquid pump and so on

The weight of the liquid is measured by the weighing sensor on the scale bucket. When the required weight is reached, the pneumatic butterfly valve at the outlet of the scale bucket is opened, the liquid flows into the buffer bucket, the liquid in the buffer bucket is pumped into the liquid of the vacuum mixer by the liquid pump, and the liquid is added to the pipe and ejected from the nozzle atomization

(2) Vacuum pumping unit

The vacuum pumping device is mainly composed of vacuum pump, vacuum butterfly valve, filter, buffer tank, metering instrument, pipe and so on  The air in  the vacuum mixing body and the air in the micropores inside the material are sucked away by vacuum pump. When the vacuum pressure sensor on the pipeline detects the required vacuum degree, the vacuum butterfly valve is closed; when the vacuum degree drops to a certain value, the vacuum butterfly valve is opened.

3Vacuum mixer

Vacuum mixer is mainly composed of body, rotor, deceleration motor, discharge door, inlet and outlet vacuum butterfly valve, adding liquid pipeline, weighing sensor and so on. The rotor is mounted on the body through the belt seat bearing at both ends, the rotor is rotated by the deceleration motor, the rotor blade copies the material to roll and spread; the cylinder drives the connecting rod mechanism to control the opening and closing of the discharge door, close to the switch feedback the opening and closing signal of the discharge door; the liquid delivered by the liquid pump is injected into the body through the atomizing nozzle evenly and in full contact with the material; the weighing sensor is used to weigh the material entering the body

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