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DP65IIIsmall twin screw extruder
DP65IIIsmall twin screw extruder

DP65II small twin screw extruder

1. Ingredients: corn, rice , wheat, soya bean meal, meat meal, bone meal, peanuts meal , barley, oats, buckwheat etc  

2. Products:animal feed pellet, pet food pellet, dog feed pellet, fish feed pellet, corn puff snacks  

3. Specification

Power: 50-70kg/h

Main motor: 15kw

Feeding power: 0.75kw

Cutting power: 0.75kw

Lubrication power: 0.37kw

Size: 1800*900*1700mm

Twin screw extruder special advantage is to clean the screws and barrel itself , no need pull the screws out for cleaning.


Offer basic formulas  

Offer the maintainance and spare parts always.  

Offer the installation and trainee program

5. Distributers  

We always inviting the distributers to join us and offer the OEM service.