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China Jinan Eagle 5tons/h dry kibble pet dog food dryer machine

China Jinan Eale 5 tons/h dry kibble pet dog food dryer machine

1. Machine image

Another side of the drye machine image

2. Output:4500~5000kg/h

3 . Equipment power: 10×5.5KW+5×1.5KW+0.75KW+11KW

4 Inlet material moisture: 21%-28%; discharge material mouth moisture: 5-8% or so

5 Equipment components: drying box body, fabricator, frame, radiator, conveying refining plate and Shakelong composition.

6 Dimension: L*W*H=12400mm*2960mm*3050mm

7. Inner images

8. Customer cases

1)  In Chinese customer factory

2) Outer looking is carbon steel type, ecnomic type,

3) Stainless steel outerlooking for the dryer