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Core filled chocolcoate cereals bar machine plant

1.Mini cereal cripsy ball production

First product this cereals ball, this is to coat to the cereals bar.

Production flow chart:   Mixer-screw conveyor-DP65 Twin screw extruder-air conveyor-oven

2.Core filled bar production

Production flow chart:   Mixer-screw conveyor-DP70 Twin screw extruder- core filler machine-cutter-belt conveyor-oven

3. Cereal bar coating process

First coat the chocolate to the cereals bar,

then spread the mini cereals ball to the chocolate coated cereals bar,

then use cooling tunnel to fix the shape,

MIni rice cereals ball Coating  Machine is a set of special equipment for sprinkling materials like nuts, sesame, peanuts,etc on the chocolate enrobing products.

The machine is installed between the chocolate enrobing machine and cooling tunnel.

The Machine is suitable for all small solid particles, sprinkling materials, like nuts, sesame and peanut, etc.

The sprinkling material is gently deposited via a special conveyor belt with infinitely adjustable sprinkling output. All sprinkling systems are manufactured completely from stainless steel material.